Between the rock and a hard place…. #GODis

As I sit to type this message, I am replete with images of “bad” news delivered this week, but perception is reality.  This is a lesson I learned oh so many years ago, but God often has me take the refresher course.  Because for everything you believe to be bad, there could be something much worse.

So here’s a rundown of the “bad” happenings of the week.

Monday: received a message and was asked to pray for the mom of someone I know.  Mom had been in a car accident recently and had a few broken bones, including her collar bone.  Mom went in for surgery on the collar bone, had a successful surgery and a few hours later is in ICU.

Tuesday: Man I’ve know for 25 years was recently diagnosed with Leukemia.  In the hospital for several weeks, received chemo, released from the hospital doing well. Went for a routine check-up but not feeling 100%.  Had a fever, which led a to “seizure like activity” and his being admitted to the ICU.

Wednesday: Friend from college is in Vegas having grand old time when she gets the call that her mom has been admitted to the ICU.  Mom is stable, now.  Also found out that my cousins’ teenage son has run away from home.

Thursday: (today) I get a message that a lady from high school was diagnosed with breast cancer.

To say that I feel overwhelmed would be an understatement.  I’m still dealing with the loss of my mom.  It’s been a little over a year, but it feels like yesterday, especially when I hear someone else’s mom is sick or in the hospital.  But I received a very valuable message from the wife of the sick man.

She said “we will not have bad days, only good days, better days and best days”.  Your perspective is your reality.  Today was a good day (in my Ice Cube voice), but tomorrow will be a better day (Dianne Reeves).  What type of day will you have?  A change in perspective changes the outcome.  God can still see you and shine His light upon you, even when you are between the rock and the hard place.

Felecia Williams

I'm a woman, whose faith has sustained her. I'm a mother. I'm a friend. I'm a runner. I'm a truth-seeker and truth-teller. I'm unashamedly and unapologetically, Me. My failures and successes make me who I am. My goal is to keep moving forward, being led by the Holy Spirit and arrive at the destination God has just for me.

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