What do you see….

When you look at the lady in the photo, who do you see? Or who do you see first, is probably the better question. First impressions… whether you see the young lady or the seasoned beauty, they both exist, and if we are fortunate enough to live long enough, we will one day look into the mirror and see both as well.

If you were to look into the mirror right now, who do you see?  How do YOU see yourself?  Not other people’s vision of you, but what your eyes see.  Do you speak down to yourself, demean your presence, disapprove of your look, downplay YOU.  Do you get “little” to keep others from feeling small and insignificant?

Do you realize your worth, the value you bring simply by walking into the room? You are beautifully, uniquely and wonderfully made.  You are not everyone’s cup of tea, hot or cold, and that’s okay.   But do not under any circumstances degrade you, to make someone else feel better about themselves.

Whatever season you are in, take the time to evaluate your first impression of yourself.  If you are displeased with the version of yourself you currently represent, you and only you have the ability to modify you.  But here’s the thing, do it for YOU. You can’t lose weight, change the color of your hair, get a new job, get married, have a baby or anything else to please anyone other than yourself.

Your perception of yourself is so important to your overall well-being that neglecting you can literally be the difference between life and death.  You are important and how you see yourself is important.  Don’t allow the media’s version of beauty to define you.

The morals and value system of the seasoned beauty in the photo were developed when she was a young beauty.  Develop your values now, so that when you are seasoned and look in the mirror, you are happy with the person you see looking back at you. Hopefully your perception of her is….well isn’t she lovely. 🙂