Hi, I'm Felecia

Felecia Williams is the owner of Fe Will Wellness, LLC, which is pronounced “iron will” to reflect the symbol for iron on the periodic table.
Felecia knows from personal experience that taking action to change an unhealthy lifestyle begins with changing your mindset. She also knows that this can be difficult to do, but she has proven that it is not impossible.
In 2011, a friend asked Felecia to be her accountability partner as she embarked on a journey to improve her health. She decided that she had to walk the walk if she was going to talk the talk. This process began with facing the reality that her health was seriously in jeopardy due to obesity and an onset of asthma.
Felecia and her friend ambitiously set a goal of running a 5K. The training regimen required and inspired Felecia to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Felecia credits her iron will and the mutual support of her friend with helping her to lose weight, stabilize her asthma, and improve her overall health.
Felecia’s transformation led her on a quest for continuing education about health and wellness and resulted in her becoming certified as a Consumer Wellness Advocate and a Certified Health and Wellness Coach. Over the years, Felecia has cultivated relationships with health and wellness professionals in various areas of specialty. Maintaining a professional network expands her industry awareness and enables her to make referrals to these trusted practitioners when beneficial to her clients.
Felecia describes herself as a truth-seeker and a truth-teller who is led by her faith. Her clients appreciate her direct and supportive coaching style which helps them navigate their wellness journey without feeling like they are being judged or punished. This motivates them to develop the iron will to make positive changes and create a healthier lifestyle.

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