Wellness Coaching

Wellness Coaching

Fe Will Wellness wants to help you design and live your best life. If you are like most people you rarely pause to consider your health and overall wellness. This is particularly true if you have not experienced any obvious health or medical challenges.
Fe Will Wellness will help you determine if your current lifestyle is helping or harming you. Our coaching is YOU-focused and the collaborative process will uncover areas in your life that you may want to enhance. By identifying any unproductive behaviors, practices, and beliefs we can use this awareness to co-create a plan to reframe, replace and/or redirect them.

Our Expertise

We hold certifications in the areas of health and wellness coaching, consumer wellness advocacy, and health information management. Our expertise and training enables us to utilize proven principles to guide you through the process of achieving optimum wellness.
To ensure that you have the support that you need to be successful, we have established relationships with other health and wellness practitioners. Fe Will Wellness may make recommendations for optional ancillary services if it will be beneficial to your wellness plan.

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Your Action Plan

The actions that you take will harness your strengths, align with your values and produce the results that you are seeking. Throughout the process you will be
encouraged to prioritize what matters to you and be empowered to W.H.Y., which stands for Work Hard for Yourself.

Our Coaching Process

During our one-on-one virtual coaching sessions, we will:

  • Assess your current wellness status
  • Clarify your wellness vision for the future
  • Develop strategies for your success and satisfaction
  • Celebrate your accomplishments

By actively engaging in the coaching process you will:

  • Become more empowered
  • Prioritize yourself and your wellness
  • Consistently advance toward your goals
  • Increase your awareness about your health

All wellness coaching and meal planning sessions will conveniently take place via Google Meets.
Click here to schedule your discovery session and click here to learn about our meal planning services.

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