“Sedentarily” Forced…

So, here we are approaching our 8th month of the pandemic, being forced to live a more sedentary lifestyle, which is not at all in alignment with published recommendations for health.  This was going to be your year.  You started off so well, you were 3-months in and going strong. Well, March may not have been as strong as January, but you hadn’t quit and BAM!!!!!

Get inside your home, stay inside your home, only come out for necessities… WTW???  The routine you worked so hard to develop is washing down the drain.  Well, it doesn’t have to be that way; there are resources available to help you stay on track.

The American Heart Association has virtual workouts and stream events to keep you moving. A wide-variety of selections to choose from and they are free-99.  

Also, Medical News Today published an article with suggestions on how to keep busy while in the state of “stay-put”.  Great recommendations on how to keep it moving right at home.

While there are tons of free options, they may not be the sweetener in your tea, so check your local college or University. There may be a cost, but it’s probably reduced right now. Use this link to check out some of the offerings at Governors State University; Line dancing, Pilates and Tai Chi, just to name a few.

These may not all be your favorite flavor, but it can start you moving and keep you on track to the best version of you.


Felecia Williams

I'm a woman, whose faith has sustained her. I'm a mother. I'm a friend. I'm a runner. I'm a truth-seeker and truth-teller. I'm unashamedly and unapologetically, Me. My failures and successes make me who I am. My goal is to keep moving forward, being led by the Holy Spirit and arrive at the destination God has just for me.

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